APPAM panel: Assessing SCF as an Approach to Offender Supervision

The HOPE results have attracted both political and research interest. The Department of Justice has funded a number of replications that have produced mixed results. A session on this topic at the 2016 APPAM conference attracted a great deal of attention. In the last two years there has been still more research. This session is an opportunity to review some of the new findings and to include the most recent 24/7 findings.

Reconciling disparate findings from evaluations of attempts to use SCF sanctions to manage the behavior of populations under criminal justice supervision

Linkage between response to violations and probation outcomes: Is there support for SCF?

Using certainty and celerity to deter crime: Insights from 24/7 Sobriety

SCF sanctioning during reentry: Results from the Pennsylvania SIP Pilot Evaluation