January 14, 2015 Justice Reinvestment in Washington: Analysis and Policy Framework http://csgjusticecenter.org/jr/washington/publications/justice-reinvestment-in-washington-analysis-and-policy-framework/

This report summarizes comprehensive analyses of sentencing, corrections, and arrests data presented to the Washington State Justice Reinvestment Taskforce.

November 10, 2014 Evidence Behind Swift and Certain Sanctions in Community Supervision http://www.scfcenter.org/resources/Background-and-Analysis/201411%20Evidence%20Behind%20Swift%20and%20Certain%20Sanctions%20in%20Community%20Supervision.pdf

A webinar with the SCF Center director, the founder of HOPE, and the Washington State corrections head leading SCF.

September 12, 2014 How Swift and Certain Sanctions Changed Community Supervision in Washington State https://www.bjatraining.org/media/tta-spotlight/how-swift-and-certain-sanctions-changed-community-supervision-washington-state

This BJA National Training and Technical Assistance Center release takes a look at efforts to implement SCF in Washington State.

July 1, 2012 Confinement for Technical Violations of Community Supervision: Is There an Effect on Felony Recidivism? http://www.scfcenter.org/resources/Research/201207%20Confinement%20for%20Technical%20Violations%20of%20Community%20Supervision%20Is%20There%20an%20Effect%20on%20Felony%20Recidivism.pdf

The Washington State Institute for Public Policy investigates whether the use of confinement as a sanction for violations has an impact on recidivism.

May 1, 2012 Changing Community Supervision http://www.scfcenter.org/resources/Research/201205%20Changing%20Community%20Supervision.pdf

The Washington State Department of Corrections describes its recent shift towards a more evidence-based community supervision model, including SCF.